Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sneaky Purchases: MAC

I have been pretty good recently and stopped myself from using Harvey Nics as a cut through on the way to town. This was mainly so I could avoid the MAC counter.

Yesterday I failed and came away with these pretties :)...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Summer has ended.
Today I am wearing my new winter boots.

Friday, 21 August 2009

My YouTube Premiere

Oh dear.
My colleague and I ventured to Opera North's mini fete this afternoon. On arrival we received free ice creams, played games and I won a Leeds Monopoly!
We also received a free Aria from one of Opera North's performers. I stupidly agreed for it to be filmed and here is the result....

May I add that it was about to pour down, my fringe blew across my face and I thought my ice cream was going to melt!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sneaky Purchases: Muji

Today I ventured into Muji for the first time. I think, like with The White Company, it just looks a little dull and beige and therefore it has failed to lure me in till now. The only reason I fell into the shop today was because in the middle of what should be a summer month Leeds had a massive torrential downpour. It was quite amusing to see the normally hectic Briggate empty in about 2 seconds flat.

Anyhooo....I find myself in the beige looking shop and much to my surprise I find that just like IKEA it is full of little things that I don't really needs but I must buy! So here are my rain induced beige purchases...

Face Mask £1.50
I think that this looks super scary, but its actually teeny face masks that you soak in toner of oils until it unravels and you can pop it on your face
Travel Nail Varnish Remover £1.50

For my trip to Melbourne

Silly socks £3.95

I cant wait to put these on - so ridiculous!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wants: Addidas Watch

I don't wear a watch at the moment. I used to wear one throughout school but when I went to Uni I was dancing all day and there was no need for any accessories (which made me sad).

I am now being drawn towards the trend for colourful watches, but as I have quite small wrists I need ones with a smaller face than normal. During my regular lunchtime trawl of the internet I came across these two on Amazon. I can decided between the teal and the pink....hmmm....

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sneaky Purchase: Urban Outfitters

I dont thing I have ever brought anything from Urban Outfitters at full price. I find that they over price very basic things, but then reduce quite well in the sales.

I went in today to look at the home section, but I came away with these two tops...

long boob tube - £18 reduced to £8.99

Seeing as I have a substantial pair of boobs this looks rather different on me. It is very figure hugging and I am going to wear it under dresses and tops that need a bit more boob coverage.

Junk Food Mon Amour Tee - £28 reduced to £4.99
I think I was drawn to the Fafiesque design of this tee and it will go well with jeans, skirts and casual trousers. I really didnt need any more tees, but at £4.99 it was too good to leave in the shop!

Wants: Culturelabel.com

While having a little computer break yesterday I came across a copy of August's AI magazine. They had an article on the newly launched culturelabel.com which is an online shop for all the gallery, museums, and cultural centres around the UK. I think this will definetly come in handy when I am panicing over Christmas presents later in the year!

Here are a few of my 'wants' from culturelabel.com....

Make Do & Mend
I'm useless at sewing so I think some good old 1950's advice would help me along a treat!

This will ring...Tatty Devine Necklace

I love the detail in this necklace

I think this slogan pretty much sums up the credit crunch...we all have less money, but we are encouraged to spend to keep the economy afloat.

So cute!

London In A Bag
I wish I knew a little one that would appreciate this